SC008 - Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa


Side A:

The universe made a righteous decision when it brought Takako Minekawa and Dustin Wong together. As a duo there exists a steadfast cooperation and playfulness between their playing despite coming from more rigid disciplines. Both live and on record, it’s self-evident they have a deep admiration for each other’s abilities. Recorded at home in Tokyo before a series of tours, ‘Payapaya’ sees them expanding even further on their sonic exploration. Rooted in Japanese pop yet fully indebted to experimentation, both Wong’s guitar playing and Takako’s vocals are florescent and unbound. Thanks universe. 

Side B:

We decided to have Takako and Dustin record their responses to our interview questions in their native language, Japanese. Please refer to the bonus print item for a full translation. You’ll hear them speak to how ‘Payapaya’ came together, how it was recorded and their collaborative process. We cannot thank Dustin and Takako enough for helping edit this one together. 


7"/45RPM Record packaged in a THICK Picture Disc poly sleeve w/ full color, die-cut insert
Black Vinyl - Pressing of 200 (This selection)
Clear Vinyl - Pressing of 100 (Exclusive to subscribers)
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