SC002 - Small Sur

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Side A:
‘Wild Geese’, an adaptation of a Mary Oliver poem was one of the first songs Keal sat down to write post their 2013 LP, Labor.  One could not imagine a more perfect marriage of poetry and sound as Keal sings “whoever you are/ no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination.”

Side B:
You’ll hear Keal provide insight as to how he discovered Mary Oliver’s poems, his mindset while songwriting, and where he draws inspiration from. Bob also speaks to the subtleties of Small Sur’s music, and how he makes the most of them. There is an exceptionally welcoming, warm tone to Bob’s speaking voice, the type you wouldn’t mind hearing on a book on tape.


7"/45RPM Record packaged in a THICK Picture Disc poly sleeve w/ full color insert
Black Vinyl - Pressing of 250